Cutting of concrete and other construction materials is performed with a diamond saw. The concrete is cut by supplying water so that the environment is not dusty during cutting. Diamond cutting allows us to cut to the millimeter without any environmental damage, as the blade travels along the guide.

The saw is used for cutting ceilings, walls or floors, the cuts can be made horizontally, vertically or obliquely, which means that we can make openings of different shapes. With diamond plates, you can cut up to 70 cm on one side or up to 140 cm in case there is a possibility of cutting on both sides. There is no need to subsequently repair and smooth the walls after cutting. As with all other diamond tools, there are no vibrations that could statically weaken the object.

The water used to cool the diamond discs is constantly sucked out by water vacuum cleaners. We can also install mechanical and PVC protection. We also offer removal and removal of cut material to the landfill.If it is not possible to connect three-phase electricity, we use an electric generator or cut the concrete with achainsaw.



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